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Yuva Pairvikar Manch

The organisation is working on the issues like immunisation, nutrition, education, etc., since 1991. This work started with the support of the youth of that time. But with the passage of time within 10 years or so, problems in leadership of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch started cropping up. Because of family responsibilities and age, all the members were not in a position to give enough time. As a result efforts of the organisation were being affected.

Alongside the organisation feels that if one wants to view permanent change in the society, our efforts will have to centre around children, youths and women because 60 per cent population of the country is of youths, who are going to assume leadership role in future. If rural leadership is passed on to the youth, the campaign to reform the society will be taken a step ahead. And they will contribute in the development of the area in the leadership of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch.

Yuva Pairvikar Manch in Kapasan development block has 350 young women and men as members. The manch carries out advocacy on issues related to rights of the youth. The kinds of efforts being done in Kapasan are being done in nine States, including Rajasthan. Yuva Pairvikar Manchs have been formed in selected districts and at the State level and National Yuva Pairvikar Manch has been formed at the national level. A member of Kapasan manch is vice-president of the national manch. The manch raises issues of livelihood, youth rights, education and health and extends support to Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch. Navachar Sansthan is playing the role of zonal coordinator in this network.

Efforts Done

  • Establishment of communal harmony. This is done by extending support to the efforts of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch.
  • Ensuring quality of health and education services. This too is being done by extending support to the efforts of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch.
  • Efforts for better implementation of NREGA. Members of Yuva Pairvikar Manch extended support in training of mates. They carried all the mates on a site, got the work done in groups and taught them to make entries in measurement books. Along with this, they got work done during fulfilment of one muster roll and got full wages to the labourers.
  • Pasture development programme/encroachment removal. This was done by extending support to the efforts of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch.
  • Liquor prohibition/removal of child marriages and other bad customs. A few unauthorised liquor shops existed in the operational area of the organisation. They got success in getting these shops shut with cooperation from the district administration. But soon many shops resurfaced. List of illicit liquor shops has been made available to the administration, but permanent solution to the problem still eludes. Alongside, cycle rallies and school boys and girls rallies are being taken for creating awareness against child marriage.
  • Contribution in Pulse Polio/BPL Survey. Right to Livelihood/Food


  • Continuity of efforts
  • Migration
  • Role of selfish people
  • Lack of resources
  • Change in priorities of leadership

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