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Key Programmes Name of the Donors Target Group Objectives of the Programme Status
Rajasthan Development Project (RDP) CASA 538 SC, ST families in 5 villages in Kapasan block and 3 villages in Rashmi block NRM, SED, HRD, RBA Completed
SHG Promotion NABARD 18,343 rural families from 100 villages of working area (Kapasan, Rashmi and Bhopalsagar blocks) SHG promotion and bank linkage Completed
Child Development Programme CCF Rural families in 5 villages  of working area in Kapasan block Integrated child and community development  Completed
Reproductive Adolescent  Health WCD Rural adolescent 40 villages in Bhopalsagar block of working area Adolescent health issue, life skill education and RCH Completed
Child Development Project CRY Women and children in 5 interior villages in Kapasan block Child rights and integrated development Completed
HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Programme OXFAM Rural and tribal non-school going youth covered 9,684 families from 60 villages of Kapasan block Gender, RTI/STI, sex, sexuality, HIV/AIDS Completed
PEHAL ARAVALI 18,343 rural families of three blocks of Chittorgarh district SHG promotion, saving and credit, LHP (livelihood promotion) Completed
NREGA CASA 18,343/2,48,378 families from 100/1,407 villages of Chittorgarh district Community awareness/environment building, vigilance and monitoring Completed
Community Health Monitoring (CHM) NRHM Selected 30 villages of Kapasan block Community health monitoring Completed
Livelihood promotion programme for youth FVTRS Youths Build the capacity of youth through different trades like farm and non-farm sector Completed
Youth Reproductive and Sexual Right (YRSHR) MAMTA Youth Leadership development on youth rights Completed
National Child Labour Programme (NCLP) Labour Ministry (GOI) Children involved in risky work and not studying (child labour) Mainstreaming of child labour Completed
Agriculture Development Programme (ATMA) Agriculture Department Farmers Knowledge of better and latest  technology in agriculture Completed
Micro Insurance Promotion Programme CMF SHG members Reduce risk of SHG members and awareness about insurance  Completed
Maternal & Child Health  Chetana 3 Gram Panchayats of Kapasan Health & Nutrition Running
COVID-19 Vaccination Program  APF Bhopalsagar Bloke Vaccination Running

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