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Restoration of Sustainable Environment

When the organisation started working in the area, the attitude of the villagers towards forest conservation and plantation was pathetic. The organisation focussed on SCs, STs and the BPL families and made them aware of environmental conservation and went in for the plantation of about 8,000 trees of sheesham, bamboo, goldmohur, eucalyptus, neem and ashok.

Over 300 people with 802 bighas of agriculture land were benefitted through making of soil bunds for soil and water conservation in the operational area. Eighteen bighas of land full of big potholes and mounds was made even, resulting in increase in the water level of the nearby wells and the irrigation areas.

These efforts made the unutilised land turning usable for agriculture and the beneficiaries got additional financial help. As a result the efforts of stopping rain water in the land were successful. The efforts of bunding succeeded in stopping the fertile soil from getting wasted. All the efforts increased the agricultural land area and soil moisture and decreased the land wastage.

Water conservation measures led to increase in water level in the nearby wells, resulting in the increase in the irrigational area and the agricultural production and hence fast repayment of bank loans.

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