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Navachar Sansthan has made interventions like public awakening, capacity building, group formation, machia training, resources development, etc. As a result of these interventions, which lay emphasis on people’s participation, and withdrawal strategy of the Sansthan, the following networks have come up. It is hoped that these networks will continue present efforts in the area’s development.

Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch

During the implementation of various activities and as a result of capacity building, mahila mandals, yuvak mandals and self help groups were formed. These organisations started making efforts for solution of the problems in their villages and areas with a few success. But a need was felt for an organisation which can take initiatives on issues related to people’s rights and carry out advocacy for development of the area. This people’s organisation is Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch. Ever since its formation, it has several achievements to its credit:

The villages lacked facilities related to education, health, nutrition and basic amenities. These facilities were made available through advocacy. Along with this at the development block and sub-divisional level, efforts were made to ensure that benefits of schemes like PDS, Mid Day Meal, Anganwadi, Supplementary Nutrition, etc., reached the intended target people.

When NREGA was initiated in the district, the manch got 10,000 leaflets printed and distributed at the district level convention organised for the purpose by the organisation. Formats for job card and job demand were also made available. Nearly 6,000 people participated in the convention. The convention was addressed by the District Magistrate Chittorgarh, Additional District Magistrate, Mr Tapan Bhattacharya, Madhyanchal Forum, Mr Arun Kumawat, Navachar Sansthan, Mr GL Rao, CASA, New Delhi, Mr Mahesh Yadav, Jan Chetna Sansthan Abu Road, Dr Varun Sharma, REPROD, Jalore, Mr Hitesh Sharma, Navachar Sansthan, and Mr Champa Lal, president, Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch.

Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch is working towards environment creation and coordination for successful implementation of NREGA in the operational area of the organisation. The manch has started community health awareness programme since October 2007. Under this, the work is being done to achieve major objective of NRHM – to ensure community participation in health services – so child and maternal mortality rate may be brought down. Also, it is working on dalit rights, pasture development, social security scheme, etc.

Yuva Pairvikar Manch

The leadership of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch is continuously working for the past 20-22 years. For providing second line of leadership to them and also for extending support to them, capacity of educated young men and women is being developed and Yuva Pairvikar Manch has been prepared so that in future they can play a role in the development of their villages and area. So far 255 yuva pairvikars have been made. They are raising issues of youth and contributing to the efforts of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch. Some initiative have been better implementation of NREGA, community monitoring, pasture development and removal of encroachment, child marriage, liquor prohibition, etc.

Sanjhi Pahal

During the work of the Sansthan spanning over two decades, it came into touch with several small and new voluntary organisations. It associated eight of such organisation for better implementation of NREGA in 11 development blocks of the district. This network has been named Sanjhi Pahal. The members learn from each others’ experiences and carrying forward their efforts.

Mewar SHG Federation

For meeting credit requirements of the SHGs, the SHG members are forced to take rounds of banks, resulting in wastage of time, money and labour of the members. To get rid of this problem, the Sansthan and Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch have decided that SHGs be developed into Micro Finance Institution under some legal provision. This MFI has been named Mewar SHG Federation. The plan is under way and in future it will provide stability to the activities of the organisation.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team has emerged following implementation of programmes and projects. It is due to the constructive and active support that the organisation has been able to traverse this much distance. The organisation team includes one worker with 22 to 15 years experience, five workers with 14 to six years experience, five workers with six to two years experience and three workers with less than two years experience. Additionally there is a strong base of 1,343 volunteers.

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