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Human Resource Development

Awareness Programme

Navachar Sansthan builds awareness and creates a good environment before initiating any of its programme so that a large number of people can be benefitted through its association. This has increased the people's participation in the Sansthan's activities.

Group Leaders' Training

Navachar Sansthan provides leadership development training to develop the qualities in men and women from the community so that they can support the developmental activities and solve the problems in the village. It is the result of these training programmes that CBOs Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch and Yuva Pairavikar Manch have been formed in the area.

Group Management Training

To ensure people's participation, the responsibilities are given to men and women after forming different groups. Group management training programmes are organised by the sansthan so that the SHGs get strengthened and contribute towards active participation in the development of the area.

Capacity Building for Organisation Workers

For continuous and effective implementation of its programme, Navachar Sansthan organises training programmes for its workers.

Rights Based Training

While working in the area it was observed by the Sansthan that most of the beneficiaries make efforts by limiting themselves to the available resources and are indifferent towards most of the government developmental schemes. Their entitlements are being utilised by the others. Even if they are exploited, they ignore it. So to make them ensure and aware of their rights, Navachar Sansthan organises training programmes for the group leaders and its members.

Training for Legal Awareness

Navachar Sansthan provides rights based legal information to the groups formed in the villages through its training programmes.

SHGs Formation and Management

With support from NABARD and banks, Navachar Sansthan provides training on the formation of SHGs, their management and capacity enhancement.

Training on Panchayati Raj Act

With an objective to strengthen Panchayati Raj Institutions and the participation of rural communities in gram panchayat meetings, Navachar Sansthan is organising training programmes. As a result of it many of the men and women are elected to the gram panchayats and have involved themselves in the panchayat meetings and are demanding their rights.

Training Related to Government Schemes

With support from various government departments - agriculture, animal husbandry, health, education, women and child development, etc., Navachar Sansthan provides information in its training programmes on government schemes running in the area for the community development.

Training Related to Health and Balanced Diet

Navachar Sansthan is providing training to the people on general health and nutrition. Along with that it is also organising training programmes for poor on how to make nutritious diet for the infants within the available food material.

Fairs, Meetings and Exhibition

Navachar Sansthan organises meetings and fairs in its area to share its experiences regarding various programmes and its learning and to plan for further projects. It is organising various fairs for women, adolescent girl, health, etc. It also express itself through organising events on special days - World Environment Day, International Women's Day, World AIDS Day, World Youth Day, World Population Day, World De-addiction Day, etc.

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