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Vision, Mission and Objectives


To establish self-sufficient and empowered rural communities by promoting skilled individual and strong group based on the concept of values of human welfare, democracy and global unity


To actively participate in the healthy competition of time bound, economic, result oriented and transparent programs by positive thinking with optimum utilization of available resources and facilities


  • To mitigate social, economic and political discrimination by people's empowerment
  • To increase people's participation in the process of local self-governance
  • To address the issues of women and adolescent health
  • To implement health programmes in remote villages devoid of any health facilities
  • To work towards prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases
  • To access and to utilise various government programmes for community welfare
  • To strengthen the role of women's participation in rural development and focus on gender equality
  • To improve the reproduction and child health services
  • To promote women centred micro enterprises
  • To lift up agriculture for economic development in rural areas


  • Promoting people's institution in rural areas
  • Building capacities of people's institution
  • Promoting women's participation in the development interventions of the Sansthan
  • Collaboration and networking with likeminded agencies on common issues of concern
  • Collaborating with various government agencies and departments on common issues of concern
  • Work towards holistic development of women and children
  • Strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions

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