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Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch

Experience based learning of voluntary organisations in physical works and development of information system has played a critical role in rural development. People’s organisations have emerged as a mean of rights based advocacy all over India. They have worked on several issues of public interest and weak, poor rural women and men have created several milestones. The need of hour is to raise our voice through people’s organisations so the poor women and men realise their dreams. Unless this is done, the rights of these people will remain a mirage.

With this thinking and success of small efforts done by small groups at the village level, the process of consolidation started and led to the formation of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch at the sub-divisional level. The MJAM made some significant efforts and got success too. With this the MJAM got recognition in rural areas, local media and local administration. Issues of public interest have been raised at the sub-divisional and district level to seek their solution. Several successes have been achieved, boosting spirit of members and organisational workers. Now they are confident that the dream of Navachar Sansthan to establish a strong and happy society will be realised.

The withdrawal strategy of the organisation is that it has to keep on motivating the community to further its efforts. Only then poor, weak, dalit, tribals and backwards will be able to get their rights so they can also get an opportunity to lead an honourable life while still living in their respective villages. This is the objective of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch.

Efforts Done So Far

1. Restoration of Communal Harmony

During communal tension in the area efforts have been made to restore communal harmony by lighting lamp at the Panchbatti crossing in the city. Environment was created to reduce tension by organising meetings in the tense villages.

2. Ensuring quality of health and education services

The forum members make efforts from time to time for improving quality of health and education services. The forum is also associated with the national level network ‘public health campaign’. The organisation representatives participate in national and international level conventions.

3. Efforts for better implementation of NREGA

Capacity building, rallies, public hearing and submission of memorandums are some of the tools used for solving NREGA related problems.

4. Issues related to water, land and forest

The forum is making efforts for the management of natural resources. With the efforts of the forum about 50 bighas of grazing land was freed of encroachments. Since the local administration did not cooperate the forum members had to approach the Chief Minister of the State.

5. Social security schemes

The forum members cooperate in providing old, widow and disabled pension to the needy and eligible people.

6. Child marriage and other bad customs

Child labour is the biggest problem of south Rajasthan. The forum members are making efforts for abolition of child marriages through meetings. Training programmes are organised for the people’s representatives. Additionally, efforts are made to stop other bad customs.

7. National programme, BPL survey, pulse polio, etc.

The forum members provide information to the people in the villages of operational area during BPL selection for inclusion of right people. This work is being done in collaboration with state level networks. The eligible people who were left out of selection were included in the list by appealing in sub-divisional office. This is a continuing process. Similarly, cooperation of members of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch and Yuva Pairvikar Manch is available in Pulse Polio Programme.

8. Livelihood

As per need, the organisation holds vocational training programme for young women and men on the call of Mewar Jan Adhikar Manch.

9. Public Distribution System (PDS), Right to Food

The forum is making efforts to streamline public distribution system by removing anomalies in fair price shops, often by meeting the Food and Civil Supplies Minister. Issues related to right to food are being resolved in collaboration with ‘Rozi-Roti Adhikar Abhiyan’.


  • Continuity of efforts
  • Migration
  • Role of selfish people
  • Lack of resources
  • Change in priorities of leadership

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